Prince George's County, Maryland
Full Scale Shelter Simulation Exercise
at the First United Methodist Church in Hyattsville, MD

On Saturday, September 29, 2007 members of the PG-ARES participated with the American Red Cross of the National Capitol Area in a full scale shelter simulation exercise held at the First United Methodist Church in Hyattsville, Maryland, across the street from the Red Cross Prince George's County chapter office.

ARES members Jim-WB3KAS and Wanda-KA3AHI Montgomery set up a portable 2 meter station in the simulated shelter and established and maintained communications with the portable station in the chapter office staffed by Jerry Siegel-N3WSG with his new Icom 208H.  Ken Greenhouse-KB3IIE established mobile communications in the Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV), to keep in touch with the shelter and chapter office while the ERV was "on the road".

In addition Jim and Wanda sent E-mails via the Winlink2K "AirMail" system to Red Cross personnel on site and in other Red Cross service areas to demonstrate the utility of amateur radio resources for other than voice communications.

Red Cross staff asked many questions about our operational capabilities, all of which where answered very capably by the Montgomery's. Jody A. Thurmond, Coordinator, Readiness & Response for the American Red Cross of the National Capital Area Emergency & International Services, indicated that she planned to include the Amateur Radio Emergency in future shelter operations exercises.

Ken Greenhouse-KB3IIE - PG-ARES P.I.O.

Picture credits & editing to Jim-WB3KAS

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